Thursday, August 20, 2009

Qualities of a good Yoga Teacher

Is the teacher is trained to teach, by a teacher ?
Is the teacher practices yoga for a while, and everyday ?
Is the teacher knows the pillars on what yoga is reposing ?
Is the teacher as this quality of amphatie ?
Is the teacher seems to guide you or only is showing things around ?

A Yoga Teacher should have proper Yoga education and posses the character and quality of a traditional Yoga Teacher in words, thoughts, and deeds. Below are some qualities and qualifications which a good Yoga Teacher should possess:
  • Expert knowledge of their subject,their own practice.
The minimum age of a Yoga Teacher should be 20 years old.
  • A knowledge of general anatomy or applied anatomy.
A Yoga Teacher should have a good understanding of human anatomy and physiology to apply the Yogic system effectively and safely. As such, having an educational background in bioscience would be helpful. In fact, possessing a science background is a pre-requisite for admission in any recognized Yoga Colleges.

  • Ability to teach without performing
A Yoga Teacher should have at least four to five years of solid practical experience. He/She should be well-versed in the theoretical aspect of Yoga, such as Yoga philosophy, and should be able to physically perform most of the Yoga Postures and impart the techniques.
  • Living the yoga you teach
A Yoga Teacher should have clarity of thought and patience while teaching. He/She should also practice Pranayama and Meditation everyday to increase his/her own mental balance and to store up huge amounts of Prana in the body.
  • Teaching from the heart rather than the mental or the vital.
A Yoga Teacher should also be a keen practitioner of Yoga. He/She needs to be physically and mentally fit and possess the right temperament, such as having good patience and being sensitive, so that he/she can properly handle any classroom situation.
  • he ability to communicate in a way that cannot be misinterpreted.
  • Mastery of the language in which they teach.
  • The ability to both look and see.
  • The ability to both hear and listen.
Roles of a Yoga Teacher
* A Yoga Teacher should be devoted in his/her teaching and should be motivated to perform this duty for the sake of spreading the traditional Yoga system in the community to help others achieve greater physically and mental well-being, rather than doing so purely for monetary gains.
* A Yoga Teacher should impart the knowledge in a safe and harmonious manner so that students can achieve optimal results.
* A Yoga Teacher should be punctual in class and encourage the students to do so as well. No one should be allowed to attend the class after warm-up exercises have been completed. A teacher should follow all the rules of teaching for the safety of the students. As such, no Yoga Exercises should be performed without first doing the warming-up exercises and no one should leave the class without having done the relaxation exercises. Ignoring these rules can be detrimental to health.
* A Yoga Teacher should communicate clearly and proficiently in class so that students have a thorough understanding of the important concepts of Yoga.
* A Yoga Teacher should explain the benefits of each Asana to students to encourage them to perform the posture properly and effectively.
* A Yoga Teacher should always inquire if students have any physical or psychological problems right at the start of each class so that necessary precautions can be taken to ensure safety in the class.
* A Yoga Teacher should be able to arouse curiosity in students and encourage them to ask questions in class. A good teacher clears the students’ doubts and encourages them in their Yoga path by answering these questions sincerely with a smile rather than being irritated by them.
* A Yoga Teacher should always follow the moral ethics of Yama & Niyama and encourage the students to follow these principles in their daily lives so as to bring about calmness and other positive effects to their lives. This will ultimately help remove stress, which is the maim cause of all psychosomatic disorders.